Y Siarter Iaith yn Ysgol Dwr Y Felin

Here in Dwr Y Felin, we are proud to support the Welsh Government’s initiative to achieve 1 million Welsh speakers by the year 2050. We aim to allow all of our learners to develop their Welsh language skills for social and work use for the future. As a school we provide the pupils with opportunities to achieve the aim of the Siarter iaith which is to ensure that, in future, all of our learners can use the Welsh language after leaving school.

Here in Dwr Y Felin we strive to achieve the aim of ensuring that learners:

*Are confident in using Welsh language skills

*Foster positive attitudes towards the language

*Increase the use of Welsh both inside and outside of school

At present, our staff use incidental Welsh in the classroom, in assemblies and around the school. Student have access to a wide range of technology and apps to enhance their learning and increase their enjoyment of the language. The school holds regular enrichment activities including Diwrnod Shwmae, the Eisteddfod, trips to Llangrannog and participation in events held by the Urdd. As well as these, they are immersed in the language when reading the signage around the school, or reading displays.

In committing to this vision, as a school we are ensuring that all of our learners are developing skills for life

Dyma sut rydyn ni, fel ysgol, yn cefnogi’r Siarter:

Help i rieni (Help for parents)

Gwefannau/apiau defnyddiol (Useful websites/apps)

Adran staff (staff section)

Criw Cymraeg

Ymadrodd yr wythnos (Phrase of the week)

Cymraeg o gwmpas yr ysgol (Welsh around the school)

Digwyddiadau pwysig (Important events)

Gwybodaeth am i Siarter



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