School Council

What is the School Council?

At Dwr-y-Felin the Pupil Voice is recognised through the School Council which meets at least once every half term. Every Form has two peer elected School Council Form Representatives. The Form Representatives voice the views and opinions of pupils in their Form Groups following any consultation that has taken place. Every Year group has two peer elected School Council Year Representatives. The Year Representatives voice the views and opinions of pupils in their Year group at School Council meetings.

The purpose of the School Council:

  • To give pupils a forum for sharing their views, knowing that they will be listened to and taken seriously.
  • To give pupils a forum for sharing ideas, concerns and information across Form and Year groups.
  • To give pupils experience of putting ideas into practice, problem solving and target setting.
  • To value pupils as partners in their own education and central to the process of school improvement.
  • To develop shared values and standards.
  • To comply with Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

How does this help the School?

It is important to remember that it is not only the views and opinions of the two Form Reps. being expressed, it is the views of the class and what they want to see happen.

We organise fun events that help the school in a number of different ways for example we have raised money for sports equipment and for musical productions.

If there is a problem that is serious, the problem is passed from the Form Reps, to the Year Reps, to the School Council via half termly meetings. Then if the matter cannot be resolved within the forum, it is discussed with the Senior Management Team to find a way forward.

What can I do?

The School Council is very important so if you want to be a Form Representative you have to be committed. This means that you must be willing to attend meetings regularly. As a Year Representative you must be able to attend meetings every half term. You will be trained on how to handle consultations with your fellow students. If you are interested but don’t actually want to be a representative, you can always help by discussing matters with your Form Representative. This is always very helpful and informative.


If you have a problem/suggestion/comment that you would like to tell someone about you can always talk to your Form Representative.

There are useful links on the Pupil Support page of this website.

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