Inclement Weather

Snow and Ice

In the event of snow or icy conditions we have to face the possibility of closing the school to ensure the health and safety of pupils and staff.
It is always a very difficult decision to make because of our desire to provide the best education for our pupils, but it is also paramount that we provide a safe environment for pupils and staff alike. Therefore the decision to close the school is not taken lightly. As the majority of our staff live a number of miles away, the school may not be able to open because of insufficient staff to supervise pupils.

Overnight snow/ice

The procedures that we have in place for inclement weather overnight are as follows:-

  1. We have a residential caretaker on the school site who will walk the grounds of the school to make an initial assessment on health and safety grounds. Those staff that live within walking distance will attend school.
  2. A decision will then be made as to the safety and practicality of opening the school. A main factor of this decision will be the number of staff on site to supervise pupils’ safety and the ability of the bus companies to provide a service.
  3. Once a decision has been made in conjunction with the Local Authority officers, the school will send a text message to parents, update the school website, use twitter and relay the information to the local radio stations e.g. Swansea Sound, The Wave and Radio Wales. Also, the Local Authority website will publish the information.
  4. It is unlikely that you will be able to get through to the school because of the volume of calls that jam the lines, so it is important that you access the above messaging systems.

Snow/ice during the day whilst pupils are on site

The paramount decision for the school is the safety of both pupils and staff.

Initially, we would ask you not to panic. The school will be actively involved in monitoring the weather situation and will be in touch with the transport section of the Local Authority to find out about road closures etc. These factors will be taken into account in the decision making.

The procedures that we have in place for inclement weather when pupils are on site:-

It is important that pupils do not leave the site without permission. If you wish your child to leave, you should ring the school to give that instruction.
All safety aspects for the children will be taken into account whilst making a decision on whether or not to close the school.
The school will continually check weather forecasts and also contact the Local Authority Officers for advice.
Once a decision has been made, the school will text parents to let them know the outcome.
Pupils will be informed as soon as the decision has been made. If it is impossible for a pupil to walk home safely, they should inform their teacher immediately.

Useful Information

Bus Companies….

D J Thomas 01639 635502
South Wales Transport 01639 643311


School Twitter Account
Neath Port Talbot Local Authority
South Wales Transport
D J Thomas Coaches

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